Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Use You For Printing Only?

Yes we have many customers who order print only products. Please visit our print only shop to see all our print products and take advantage of our trade print prices.


Do You Guarantee The Distribution?

Yes we guarantee the leaflet distribution and offer 100% of your money back in the very unlikely event that the leaflet distribution campaign does not take place.


What Areas Do You Cover?

We can cover all postcode areas in Wales and we can cover other areas at request. We also have detailed information for all postcode areas including property counts to help target your flyers.


How Much Does Leaflet Distribution Cost?

All areas are different so please request a quote via the quote form. For an example built up areas start from £35 per thousand and more rural areas start from £45 per thousand excluding printing.


How Many Leaflets Do You Deliver At One Time?

If you choose solus distribution this means your leaflet will be delivered on it’s own. Shared distribution means your leaflet delivered with up to 3 other items if available.


Someone Recommended You, Money Off?

Yes we are still offering this to all new customers. Simply let us know who recommended us and you will both get the 10% off your next order with us on print an distribution orders.


Do You Provide A Report?

You will be given access to an online campaign page before your distribution starts where you can view all your distribution maps, view the completed street and postcode lists and receive constant updates daily.


Do You Provide GPS Tracking?

All distribution staff are monitored via our own internal GPS tracking software and all deliveries are backchecked,  For more info on this please contact us.


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